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Help us help those in need by donating clothing or money

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Clean Clothes


Quality Clothing for 11-18 Year Olds

We are looking for donations of clothing suitable for 11-18 year olds. Ideally, the clothing would be of good quality, feel like a gift (rather than a hand-me-down), and instill a sense of pride and confidence in the owner. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch if you feel you have anything suitable and we can arrange for collection.

Donation Jar


Help Us Make a Difference

If you feel moved by the causes Material Difference promotes and don't have any clothing to donate, we would very much appreciate your financial support. Click below to make a donation. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help.

Your support is important to us. Contact us today to learn how to help out!

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